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Dynamic elaboration on the Art & Science of Hazardous Area Protection

ISO 80079-36 (Ed-1-2016)

Let us visit the new and informative avenue of THE IGNITION HAZARD ASSESSMENT

Let us proceed..

This is the Main Entrance

The essential prerequisites for exploring this avenue is as follows:-

IEC 60079-0

As we can see the first entrance is to IEC 60079-0 on our right hand side. Its a definite prerequisite for the understanding of ISO IEC 80079-36 ‘

The following link will take us to the Basics of Hazardous Area.

(More about Ex)

On proceeding ahead ,we will come across the first message of this domain

The most important part of Ignition Hazard Assessment is The Concluding Report. Learn to report with Clarity in a well-structured way. Use of Tables , linking assessments and conclusions , is highly recommended

Now we are in the first square …let us proceed to the FIRST Ex STREET ( Just follow the Ex Sign)

This will take us to the Ignition Hazardous Assessment Department .

The curriculum (As designed by ISO 80079-36) is as follows:-

  1. Identification of Ignition Hazard
  2. Preliminary Ignition hazard estimation and evaluation . Elaboration of IH (Ignition Hazard) as identified in part 1.

At this point let us remind ourselves that Ignition Sources Scenarios is structured in the following hierarchy (my personal view):-

a. Possible ignition Sources (…more on this)

b. Out of the Possible Ignition Sources …we can have The Equipment Related Sources

c. Out of the Equipment Related Sources …there will be POTENTIAL IGNITION SOURCES.


These effective Ignition Sources have to be addressed .

(Back to the curriculum )

3. Measures to safeguard the IH estimated in part 2

The whole process of protection as required by this step can be summed up as follows ( Its a very conservative statement…the final word should come from The Ex-perts)

” All ignition sources should be isolated such that the aftermath of ignition process is rendered harmless and powerless “

ISO 80079 is very particular about this process.

4. Tabulating the findings of steps 3 in form of a table for clarity .

The final step

(Discovering) The E P L

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