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Technically a hazardous area is an industrial facility processing materials which may form explosive mixture with air and may cause explosion upon ignition.

A common example is an Oil Refinery. The crude oil is processed to manufacture Petrol, Diesel and other oils to be used as fuels. Most of the processing area of the refinery is thus Hazardous by virtue of the processed product, which in this case is OIL.

Similarly Gas Plants, Chemical Plants, Fertilizer Factory, Food Processing Plants, Saw Mills are few  examples of all such industrial facilities.

The most basic and traditional Hazardous Area is a Coal Mine.

Hazardous Area Protection techniques have been developed to fully harness the available Oil, Gas and Chemical resources utilizing the most advanced, innovative Engineering Techniques.

The over-all objective is to ensure the safety of life, the environment and technology itself.

The  safety road map is based upon the International Standards prepared by International organizations.

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The Academic sides , which include Hidden Art, Philosophy & Inventive-Mindset ,  of the Hazardous Area Protection have been highlighted in expeltec.com .

You are invited to this fascinating, technically advanced and wonderful  world of Ex Protection .


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