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Intrinsic Safety

Name of the Safety Technique : Intrinsic Safety

IEC & AT ExGuidelines : IEC 60079-11

Type of protection based on the restriction & limitation of electrical energy within apparatus and of interconnecting wiring exposed to the potentially explosive atmosphere to a level below that which can cause ignition, by either sparking or heating effects.

Symbol: i

Type of Ignition Protection Abbreviation Region Classification  Specification/Standard
Intrinsic Safety IS) US Class I, Division 1 FM 3610
Intrinsic Safety (IS) CA Class I, Division 1 C22.2 No. 157
Intrinsic Safety AEx ia US Class I, Zone 0 FM 3610
Intrinsic Safety AEx ib US Class I, Zone 1 FM 3610
Intrinsic Safety Ex ia CA Class I, Zone 0 CSA E60079-11
Intrinsic Safety Ex ib CA Class I, Zone 1 CSA E60079-11
Intrinsic Safety Ex ia (EEx ia) EU Zone 0 EN 50020
Intrinsic Safety Ex ib (EEx ib) EU Zone 1 EN 50020
Intrinsic Safety Ex ia IEC Zone 0 IEC 60079-11
Intrinsic Safety Ex ib IEC Zone 1 IEC 60079-11

The underlying philosophy (In simple words): The POWER  (I²R &  VxI)  is reduced from the electrical parameters to a very low value of about 25 milliWatts. Logically it is only possible in control & monitoring circuits and not for the POWER circuits.


  1. Integration of Field Devices (Instrumentation & process control)
  2. Connection of components for automation technology
  3. Safety barriers
  4. Isolators
  5. Remote Input / Out put
  6. Combination of Human Machine Interface  (HMI) with machine control system

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