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Increased Safety

Name of the Safety Technique:Increased Safety

IEC & AT Ex Guidelines : IEC 60079-7

Symbol: e   (Alternate symbol  eb)

 Associated EPL: Mb & Gb

Associated IP Rating : Minimum 44

IN case of INCREASED SAFETY CONCEPT additional measures are applied to increase the level of safety, thus preventing the possibility of high temperatures and the occurrence of sparks or electric arcs within the enclosure or on exposed parts of electrical equipment

Type of Ignition Protection Abbreviation Region Classification  Specification/Standard
Increased Safety AEx e US Class I, Zone 1 ISA 60079-7
Increased Safety Ex e CA Class I, Zone 1 CSA E60079-7
Increased Safety Ex e (EEx e) EU Zone 1 EN 60079-7
Increased Safety Ex e IEC Zone 1 IEC 60079-7


  1. Terminal and connection boxes,
  2. control boxes for installing Ex-components (which have a different type of protection),
  3. squirrel-cage motors,
  4. light fittings
Increased Safety :  Official Background

Definition:   Equipment protection by increased safety “e” is applied to electrical apparatus in which additional measures are applied & employed so as to give increased security against the possibility of excessive temperatures and of the occurrence of arcs and sparks in normal service or under specified abnormal conditions

expeltec ex e box 1


In an INCREASED SAFETY equipment (assembly)  , all components have their own individual Ex Certificates . The added advantage is the use of non-metallic enclosures in this protection scheme.

The only limitation is the EXCLUSIVE use of Ex Certified components which, most of the time , are available in limited power ratings.Industrial components are not permitted to be installed directly inside an Ex e certified enclosure.



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