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Part A. Meaning of some of the important terms

expertdesk-slide1expertdesk-slide2expertdesk-slide3Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres placed on the market from the 20th April 2016.

The types of products which are covered by the new directive remains unchanged (as covered by the old one 94/9/EC) however the scope has been modified to include components & associated apparatus, intended to be incorporated into equipment and protective systems

This means that from the 20th April 2016 all:-

1. Manufacturers,

2. Importers

3. Authorized representatives

4. Distributors

Must comply with the requirements of the new Directive applicable to them

An important point to note:-

New Legislative Framework (NLF) does not revise sector-specific elements of existing Directives; therefore no changes have been made to the scope or essential requirements.

As a result, there are no new technical requirements to consider when transitioning to the new Directive

A FEW of the obvious manifestations of NEW ATEX should be as follows (from 20th April 2016) :-

atex directive 1


Economic Actors involved are :-




There are also some terminological revisions, as NLF (New Legislative Framework) aims to reduce uncertainties and misconceptions that could  arise by establishing a more concise and less ambiguous use of terms than before.

In some cases, various standards applicable at the same time for a specific product used identical terms in an in congruent fashion, signifying different things or leaving room for interpretation. The NLF attempts to remedy this situation through consistent definitions.( However, these terminological changes have actually brought about a handful of substantial changes for the ATEX Directive, notably by broadening its scope of application.)

The term “Making available on the market” no longer solely means the sale or use of new products.

Plant operators manufacturing explosion-protected equipment for internal use may now also be considered “manufacturers” for the purpose of the ATEX standard. Moreover, importers and distributors are obliged to inspect products closely enough to be able to identify questionable cases and alert the supervisory authorities.

Given these changes, users may be liable to observe extended obligations, namely test and documentation provisions for declarations and certifications of conformity. As a rule, records documenting procurement and delivery of ATEX- compliant products have to be kept for ten years to ensure better trace-ability.  (STAHL: Expert  Mail -June 2015)


New Atex Directive Requirement

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