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A substances in the form of a GAS, Vapors, Liquid, solid or a mixture that can react  exothermically (producing heat energy) with air (oxygen) when ignited.

Flammability is defined as how easily something will burn or ignite, causing FIRE or COMBUSTION

Flammable Liquid Warning Sign

Classification of flammability

The ratings are as follows: (Source NFPA & Hazardous Materials Identification System)

Rating                                            Degree  of  flammability Examples
0 Materials that will not burn WATER
1 Materials that must be preheated before they will ignite LUBRICATING OIL, COOKING OILS
2 Materials that must be moderately heated or exposed to relatively high ambient temperatures before they will ignite DIESEL FUEL
3 Liquids and solids that can ignite under almost all temperature conditions GASOLINE, ACETONE
4 Materials which will rapidly vaporize at atmospheric pressure and normal temperatures, or are readily dispersed in air and which burn readily NATURAL GAS, PROPANE,BUTANE
Types of Flammable Materials (substances)
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Flammable Gas or Vapours
  • Flammable Mist
  • Flammable Dust or Powder
  • Flammable Flyings or Fluff


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