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Difference Between NEC & IEC

Simple Synchroscope for IEC & NEC Synchronization

This simple Synchronizing (In fact HARMONIZING) device does not exists ……presently.

The concept is there  and The Ex-perts are aware of it . 

IEC cannot guide for clarity in NEC domain. Same is true for NEC ….which cannot guide within the IEC domain 

IEC & NEC , each have its own UNIQUE codes

IEC 60079

Area Classification

NEC 500

The underlying object is SAFETY of all involved stake holders . (Persons & Property ) .

The common starting point (NEC & IEC) is FIREDAMP (That was more than 100 years back).

The question is why we have to deal with flammable material ..at all.

The answere is simple :-

Once we understand the concept of a EXPLOSIVE (FIRE) TRIANGLE

short video

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