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The Most Versatile Ex Component

The most versatile component used in electrical equipment in Hazardous Areas is the ENCLOSURE.

Ex e enclosure

Ex-e Enclosure

It is THE core product of almost all multinational Hazardous Area Equipment manufacturers.

enclosure basic wireframe

Analysis of Important Parameters  of Hazardous-Area-Safe enclosure

(What follows is not factual about the fabrication process which is employed by today’s industry to make Hazardous-area-safe enclosures )

Nature of the Material of the Enclosure

  1. Non-Metallic 


  2. MetallicJunction Boxes from Ex industry

The material of the enclosure will reveal the nature of the TYPE TESTES , specially the PRESSURE TEST.

It is logical to conclude that the metallic enclosure can withstand the over-pressure of an internal explosion ,as compared to a non-metallic enclosure .

The tests of ability of the enclosure to withstand pressure is stated in details in IEC 60079-1-(Edition 2014) Section 15.2.2 & 15.2.3

(1.5 times the reference pressure – Section

This test marks the boundary between Ex d & Ex e

Another way to understand the concept of INCREASED SAFETY domain . Consider the following graphic presentation of an Ex e Enclosure with components.

Increased Safety Ex Enclosure

In reality the protection protocol is distributed all over the participating components.

Increased Safety Ex Enclosure-1

Any individual component is surely certified but may carries an Ex Component Certificate .

The Protection Protocol is distributed over all the comprising components (each component carries a separate Ex component certificate ) and the assembly carries an equipment certificate.


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