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Flash-Point & Auto-Ignition Temperature

Flash-Point & Auto-Ignition Temperature

nature of temperature

An Actor with natural talent for playing villainous roles

Temperature is an actor present in all scenes of a Hazardous Area ,ready to play its inherently villainous role.

Let us take a look at Aristotle’s Tragic Plot Structure.

The master has elaborated the chain of events leading to the climax of a tragedy.

There are striking similarities with a Hazardous Area in operation. Notice the change in the direction of the plot initiated by change of fortune   . Temperature values within a hazardous area have this potential to change the normal course of events and lead the operation to a tragic end.

Temperature can easily disturb the normal chain of events in any industrial process and  sets the stage for a tragedy




So let us cross-check the role of temperature within a Hazardous Area

  1. The official definition

Temperature is the measure of the degree of heat present within a body or more technically it is the measure of the average kinetic energy of the molecules of a body.

2. Let us visit a simplified Hazardous Area

The most basic form of a Hazardous Area consists of :-

  1. Electrical Equipment
  2. Mechanical Equipment
  3. Flammable Material (Undergoing process)
  4. Ambient


Simplified Hazardous Area 1

Consider this to be our stage and the show is going on in full swing with all actors performing their respective roles.

Remember : This is not a Tragedy

If we look closely we will find our villain well hidden.

Hidden Temperature

Its there !

Inside all the

  • electrical equipment like Lighting Fixture , cables ,Terminals , Circuit Breakers  etc.

Indicated as the Temperature Class or T-Class

  • mechanical equipment. All moving parts , pipe-joints, flanges etc.
  • flammable materials

Documented as  FLASH-POINT, FIRE-POINT , Auto-Ignition Temperature

  • Ambient temperature

Since our play is not meant to be be a Tragedy , then the villain should remain inactive and silent without any action & activity.

To achieve this, we will have to consult & follow the following well written & documented scripts by the EXPERTS of International Electrotechnical Commission .

global concept of industrial safety

IEC 60079-10  &  IEC 60079-14

According to the script

Keep all respective temperatures  compatible  with Ignition Temperature of the flammable material.

Flash point is used to classify the volatile material into following main Classes:-



Flash-point & Flammability


The most notorious &  (explosively) active parameter within a Hazardous Area is THE TEMPERATURE.

Its run-away values,  during operation of a Gas Plant or any process involving materials which may form explosive mixture with air  (and may cause explosion upon ignition ) , leads to catastrophe & tragedy.


On stage




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