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Safety Shops

A Brief Description


(North side of old downtown ….in cross stitch by RAJAA)

Village Lane

The  old Safety Shop around the corner

A safety shop is an interesting place , to visit , meet the ExPERTS  and shop.

Specially the ones which  have the complete range of Ex Safety merchandise .

You can easily recognize & spot these  exclusive safety shops by the clear display of the following safety-sign.


The main merchandise is SAFETY and PEACE OF MIND; sold , generally, in the following forms :-


  1. Interpretations of IEC 60079 Series ( CORE PRODUCT. No.1)
  2. Interpretations of NEC 500-505 (NFPA-70) (CORE PRODUCT No.2)
  3. Interpretations of ATEX Directives (CORE PRODUCT No. 3)

Besides these core products you will find the latest updates on the Ex-Standards.

The real treasure of the safety shops is the DATA BASE of the :-

  1. Mishaps
  2. Accidents
  3. Violation Reports
  4. Technical Analyses

Of most, or all of the industrial facilities, related to Hazardous Area protocol.

Don’t forget to visit the SS Department or Counter  .

It’s the Safe Sale Department expeltec safe sale 1

Usually , there is no off-the-shelf sale of SAFE


but you can get a free consultation about the vendors & manufacturers producing state of the art  SAFE.


A quick SAFETY AUDIT of your upcoming Chemical Plant.

Recently added to this department is the CSS Department

Complete Safety Solutions


This is THE EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT of every Safety Shop.

Customized by the respective team of engineers , sparkling with the technical individuality of the   EXPERTS.

Do visit your nearest Safety Shop.

There is a well-known old SAFETY SHOP in Australia  .

Presently closed .

(This post is dedicated to late  Sean Segond von Banchet- THE Ex-PERT )


Another one is in Hungary.

Who should visit SAFETY SHOPS ?

The plant owners


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