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Dynamic elaboration on the Art & Science of Hazardous Area Protection

Dos & Don’t s of Hazardous Area

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Dos & Don’t s of Hazardous Area Protection

Hazardous Area Protection (HAP) is a multidimensional Process. Each , apparently, independent parameter is in fact closely related to the others .


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The domain of this article is limited to the SUPPLIERS’ VIEW . ( The sellers, the down stream located , stake holders )


(More about SAFE SALE later..)

The first “DO”

Do get enrolled with  your manufacturer. Get an official certificate and a reference/link on the manufacturer’s web page.

This will open  doors to all sorts of information & support which will enhance your image and generate confidence in your own clients.

2nd “DO”

Do get special training /education on Hazardous Areas Protection , Standards  and industrial norms. Get as much training (Ex Training ) as possible . Contact the Ex-Perts (The  Masters with IECEx  Certificate of Personal Competence  )

(Tip: Your manufacturer can arrange for this , free of cost , most of the time. If not professional type, even a product based orientation by the manufacturer  will do…for a start)

3rd “DO”

Thoroughly go-through your Product Catalog ‘s hard copy. READ your Catalog word by word ……..at least once ….from the first page to the last one.

Check if your company’s name is there in the catalog. Make a note if it is not there …yet. Contemplate this point.

4th “DO

Study thoroughly your product profile of Ex e & Ex d components. Remind yourself that empty Ex d enclosures are not to be sold without giving a complete guidelines  to the customers.

Explain in details the U certificate of Empty Ex d Enclosures

This is part of the “SAFE SALE”

expeltec safe sale 1Sale of Standardized & Fortifies Electrical Equipment

5Th “DO”  (A special DO for the “would-be-Expert”)

Make friends with :-




exclusively with IEC 60079, NEC 500 , 505 & 506  , ATEX Directives 94/9/EC Equipment Directive (updated as 2014/34/EU )   & 1999/92/EC .

Check your Local Hazardous Area Standards for compatibility with IEC. Chances are that all local hazardous area standards would be  an adoption of, or based upon  IEC 60079 series .

Most Important “DO”


Part of Safe sale strategy is to fully understand the Equipment Protection Level requirement of the end-user. Remember a mismatched EPL can initiate a disaster with tragic ending.

Understand the difference between an Industrial Component/equipment & an Ex certified one.

Each & every Ex certified Components/equipment  is performing the triple tasks of :

  1. Electrical Performance as per electrical parameters
  2. Keeping the IP rating intact
  3. Hazardous Area SAFETY through its built-in safety parameters (EPL)Stresses on An Ex Certified Enclosure

(The Three types of STRESSES acting on an enclosure)

You can add you own ‘DOs’ based upon your experience and knowledge.


Now …..some DON’T S

  1. Don’t sell empty Ex d Enclosures with ‘U’ certificates
  2. Don’t mix NEC 500 complied equipment with IEC Ex . Result is confusion with dangerous consequences.


3. DON’T equalize DIVISION 1 with ZONE 1 . Keep NEC 500 totally clear of IEC Ex for clarity


4. Do not try to install a  WEATHERPROOF electrical equipment in  ZONE 2 . Although both equipment may look alike as far as construction is concerned. Don’t get carried away by the :

  • Thick rubber gaskets and O rings
  • Quantity of nuts & bolts
  • Aluminum enclosure  & IP 66 Cable Glands

Good quality weatherproof equipment have them all. Weatherproof equipment comply with IEC 60529 and the extent of the effectiveness of this parameter is indicated by the IP index  ( for example IP66) .

Whereas, for hazardous area installations, the equipment has to comply with IEC 60529 AND IEC 60079 series of standards 

Consider the process of certification of A ELECTRIC MOTOR.

In addition to the mechanical & other industrial standards , the motor has to comply with IEC 60529 for WEATHERPROOF certification.

However for  Hazardous Area Certification , the same motor has to comply with the existing industrial standards


IEC 60529 (Weatherproof)


IEC 60079 Series of standards (Hazardous Area )

Industrial & Ex Assembly lines


Ex Chain

BNW Ex Flower

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