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Dynamic elaboration on the Art & Science of Hazardous Area Protection

Annex F- 60079-10-1

Release & Sources of Release

Meaning of Release:

  • Allow or enable to escape from confinement
  • The process of releasing

Whenever there is a release of (say) GAS from a gas-container it is from a SOURCE. This source has actually “HELPED” the GAS to Escape or get released.

This source can be in form of an opening which is formed:-

  1. Due to the failure of the sealing material  (leak)
  2. Due to the deliberate opening of some release valve

These sources of release play a primary role in quantifying the danger or Hazard of a particular area, into ZONES by:

Establishing ……

The sources of release


The Grades (levels , magnitude )  of Release

These parameters form the basis of a Schematic Approach employed by IEC in :-

Annex F for Classification of Hazardous Area .

Schematic approach to classification of hazardous areas


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