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Dynamic elaboration on the Art & Science of Hazardous Area Protection

Inter-linked Ex Parameters

Inter-linked Ex Parameters

Quality & Quantity

Poetry & Engineering


In order to ensure the safe operation of the industrial processes, safety of the involved-staff & property in Hazardous Areas, ex-perts have identified some key parameters of Hazardous Areas , based on extensive experience, research and intuition.


Some of the parameters are :-

  1. Temperature
  2. Class
  3. Zone
  4. Group
  5. Category
  6. Equipment Protection Level

These parameters ,along with other depending parameters ,are utilized to keep the safety intact and steer the industrial process to completion.




In case any of the parameter exceed its safe limit then  Aristotle’s Structure of Tragic Plot will take over :-



First interlink across the Ex Parameters :-

All parameters are definitely linked to EXPLOSION and failure of the whole process. (The ending point)

Besides these logical parameters , ECONOMICS is usually considered the ultimate parameter and it is illogically placed at the bottom . (THE BOTTOM LINE)

But all combinations of Ex Parameters based on the BOTTOM-LINE Strategy are not SAFE.

Cheap …maybe but definitely not safe.

SAFE and outage-free-operating Ex PLANT or a Ex facility is an ART Work Of Engineering.

Ex-Perts are few ………

Most of us are the reapers of the safe fruits of Ex Technology.




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