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To use..or NOT to use ..Conduit-Hub or Cable-Gland

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Conduit hubs 1

Conduit Hubs are used to terminate the conduits into an enclosure .

Hub is installed, through a drilled hole into the certified enclosure and fastened by means of the lock-nut.The conduits are threaded onto this hub .

conduit hub

Hubs provide a convenient means for installing a threaded conduit  on a junction box or device enclosure.
Conduit or cable entry into enclosure

Example: Intrinsic Safety (is)  Enclosures. (NFPA 70 Art. 504  , IEC 60079-14)

installation of a conduit hub
Details of Cable entry

In case a conduit HUB is being installed then conduit seals should be  installed about 15 cm, from the boundary of the electrical enclosure, into the conduit.

Proper installation requires :

  • Mounting (by screwing) of the SEAL onto the conduit (pipe)
  • Proper adjustment of the electrical wires  inside the SEAL
  • placement of suitable quantity of fiber at inside the seal in order to stop the flow of the compound
  • Pouring in the Sealing Compound .
  • Closing the SEAL opening.

conduit seals 2.jpg

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