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Dynamic elaboration on the Art & Science of Hazardous Area Protection

An artwork is worth a thousand words

Ex concepts in simple artwork

/ An Ex-Pert /

Temperature Class differences /

The 3 types of Stresses on Electrical Equipment in Ex environment /

Electrical + weather + Ex

ISO/IEC 80079-36 – All possible Ignition sources= Equipment related IS ( Potential IS (Effective IS)) + Others IS.
The Effective IS (Ignition Source) may start the ignition so needs to be protected ./

A dfferent perspective

For the ills of the Hazardous Areas (IEC 60079 Series …..use the latest) /

ZONES : Protection Magnitude/Level


Recalling the old fairy tale of the princess having an all-dimensional vision. .Is IEC 60079-17 not a roadmap for that sort of vision for Ex Maintenance ?? Starting from simple VISUAL …..there is no end to the levels an EX-PERT can attain ( Still 9 more windows of the Tower of Vision are there to be explored

Intrinsic Safety …Understanding the basics of Ex i

IEC 60079-33 . An Ex design concept for the critical design dead-ends which cannot be crossed by the existing protection concepts .

The integrity of an Ex e Junction Box (certified as an electrical equipment)

The versatility of Gas Group II C

Souce of Release

The Heart of the Ex Protection

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