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New Ex Text for Industry 4


Industry 4.0 & Ex 4.0

The term “Industry 4.0” refers to the anticipated upcoming INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION No.4.0

The term Industrial Revolution was popularized by the Economic Historian Arnold Toynbee to describe the economic, cultural & industrial changes in the UK, EUROPE & the rest of the world. The changes were inevitable because the designs of most of the industrial-process machines ,invented by contemporary inventors, new chemicals and proper raw material , in form of processed steel ,were available. Coal was in abundance to act as fuel. Driven by the newly harnessed power of STEAM the manufacturing process were automated and this was the beginning of INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION NO.1 (CIRCA-1760-1820)

IR1Followed by  Revolution No.2

IR2Followed by Revolution No.3

IR3…and now we have



SMART MACHINES…and lot more .

Evolution 2D

The natural process of THE ASCENT OF MAN will guide us to the NEXT INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION.


…and of course this will also revolutionize the Hazardous Area Protection domain. Many Ex-Equipment Manufacturers are already advertizing this concept as Ex 4.0 on their web pages.



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