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IEC 62305-Protection Against Lightning

IEC 62305 & Ex

IEC 62305-Series of documents (Standards) is one of the most comprehensive set of Guide-Lines for the concerned professional of the respective trade, for the PROTECTION AGAINST LIGHTNING.

The series consists of following parts :-

1. IEC 62305-1

2. IEC 62305-2

3. IEC 62305-3

4. IEC 62305-4

The road-map of the topics of the above mentioned standards is as follows: (This road map is itself mentioned in the  standard IEC 62305-1)



DAMAGE & LOSS Due to Lightning .

An interesting analysis by IEC 62305-2  , giving details of the most common lightning strikes and resulting damages & Losses.

This is first  part of the RISK ANALYSIS & RISK MANAGEMENT, presented in form of eight slides.

(Risk Management will not be covered by expeltec.com)


RM Slide 1


IEC 62305 & Ex



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